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[Inner Mongolia roasted whole sheep]_ practices _ production process

[Inner Mongolia roasted whole sheep]_ practices _ production process

[Inner Mongolia roasted whole sheep]_ practices _ production process

Inner Mongolia roasted whole sheep is indeed a very famous food in the country. Some people go to Inner Mongolia to taste this food in order to eat this kind of food.

If you have a local taste every time, you might as well try to make roasted whole lamb in Inner Mongolia at home, which can satisfy your taste and do n’t take much time.

So what is the production method of roasted whole sheep in Inner Mongolia?

Material selection: Inner Mongolia has a vast grassland, Hulunbuir, Xilinguole is famous all over the world, Chifeng City (formerly Zhaowuda League), Tongliao City (formerly Zhelimu League), Xing’an League, etc., are all producing areas of high-quality lamb meat.

Roasted whole lamb should choose the fat and strong 1?
Roasted whole lambs, which are about 2 years old, are considered to be the most delicious. The meat is tender and has high nutritional value. Chewing in the mouth is full of flavor. It is not suitable to use older sheep as ingredients.

In recent years, Inner Mongolia has promoted the cross-breeding of small-tailed cold sheep and big-tailed sheep (Uzhumqin large-tailed sheep, Altay large-tailed sheep).), Is a good raw material for roast lamb.

Method: Ingredients: 1 lamb, 250 g of onion, 250 g of ginger, 30 g of salt, 75 g of pepper, 150 g of soy sauce, 75 g of aniseed, 150 g of sugar, 75 g of cumin, 150 g of sesame oil.
Production method: 1. Kill the sheep, blanch the whole body with boiling water at 80-90 ℃, clean the hair while hot, remove the internal organs, scrape clean, and then place the meat in the sheep’s abdominal cavity and hind legs with a knife.Cut a few small mouths.

2. Put the shallot segments, ginger slices, pepper, aniseed, cumin powder in the belly of the lamb, and rub it with the fine salt to taste. The knife where the leg of lamb is put, use the seasoning and salt to taste.

3. Pin the sheep’s tail into the abdomen with an iron sign, dark-colored upwards, hook the skin with iron hooks on the limbs, brush with soy sauce, and when the sugar color is slightly cool, brush with sesame oil.

4. Hang the whole lamb’s belly upwards into the pre-heated oven. Cover the oven mouth with an iron pan and seal it with yellow mud. Prepare an iron pot under the oven and drain as much as possible when baking.Sheep oil in case it falls into the charcoal fire and smokes.

Bake for about 3-4 hours. After the lambskin is roasted, it will become yellow, red, and crispy. Remove the meat when it is tender and cooked.

5. When eating, first lay the whole sheep in a special wooden plate, tie the red satin cloth on the horns, and lift it to the meal for guests to enjoy.Cut into thick slices, chop the lamb bone into large pieces and place on a plate, served with shallot segments, garlic sauce, noodle sauce, lotus leaf cake, and serve with a Mongolian knife.

The original roast whole lamb is roasted and peeled whole lamb rack on the fire.

When grilling, use the apricot wood to burn the red fire. It must be hot and smokeless.

From time to time, the white-striped sheep are tilted left and right on the fire, and roasted until the surface is golden red, the fragrance erupts, and the outer focus is tender.

Removed from the rack after roasting, cut and eat with a knife, without adding oil and salt, without any seasoning, but with a simple and natural aroma.