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[Nutrition value of almonds]_Recommended diet

[Nutrition value of almonds]_Recommended diet

[Nutrition value of almonds]_Recommended diet

  Among the many nuts, almonds occupy a non-negligible part.

It is completely free of protein, trace amounts and a lot of vitamin A, vitamin C, and moderate consumption can give most of the human body certain promotion and health care effects, belonging to the ranks of high-quality healthy food.

So what are the specific nutritional values of almonds?

  Monounsaturated acids-Because almonds contain a large amount of monounsaturated acids, monounsaturated acids are effective in significantly reducing the elevated blood lipid levels in the human body, and can also effectively control or reduce the cholesterol content in the blood.Important role in protecting the heart health center.

  Antioxidants-Vitamin E, higher carotene content.

Almonds contain antioxidants, which can prevent skin aging, soften the stratum corneum, lock skin moisture, prevent dryness, thereby promoting skin circulation and making the skin look rosy and shiny, and it can also effectively reduce cardiovascular disease by reducing cholesterol contentProbability of breakthrough.

  Amygdalin-a biologically active substance contained in amygdalus, has medicinal value in Chinese medicine.

Not only can cough and asthma, but also can enter the human blood to inhibit the dissolution of cancer cells, help fight cancer, and effectively prevent the occurrence of tumors.

  Dietary fiber-can promote gastrointestinal peristaltic digestion, effectively reduce cholesterol content, bring good help to the “three high” people, and will bring a feeling of fullness to the human body. Therefore, almonds also have a certain weight loss effect,Can be used as a meal replacement food, but do not eat more, after all, a small amount is also high.

  Almonds have high nutritional value and play a positive role on the human body.

But don’t be greedy, pay attention to the consumption, especially the bitter almond contains a highly toxic compound, if overdose, it can be severe to moderate.

But as long as you hold the right amount of almonds, you can develop in a direction that is beneficial to human health!