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[How to look at calories in food]_in food_how to look at

[How to look at calories in food]_in food_how to look at

[How to look at calories in food]_in food_how to look at

The calorie content of food is determined according to the nutritional content of the food. If the food contains more oil or sugar, then the calorie content is higher.

Under normal circumstances, the calorie content of vegetables is relatively low, while the calorie content of fat is relatively high. If you want to lose weight, you should eat less fatty and hot food, eat more vegetables and fruits, and exercise moreIn order to achieve the purpose of weight loss.

How to think about food diversity1, so understand the phrase of energy density?

In fact, literally, vegetables with high water content are generally relatively low, such as rapeseed, cabbage, etc., because the water content is very low, and correspondingly, foods such as beans and eggplants with less dispersion, generally speaking,A series is higher.

This point is also very easy to explain. Some kind of dehydrated vegetables become dehydrated vegetables. Compared with fresh vegetables, who has a higher conversion content?

Definitely dehydrated vegetables.

With less water, only energy remains.

For another example, a bowl of rice can be cooked into three bowls of porridge after adding water. In addition to the added water, the rice is still the rice, but the more water there is, the more “water” will be.

This is what we mean by energy density.

When we choose foods, we choose those that are rich in water. Even if we eat more, there is no problem at all. Moreover, this type of food is eaten, and other foods rich in high content naturally eat less.It has reached the point where it is not fat to eat.

2. The phrase “sweet” occurs relatively quickly, because it has a scope of application, those fruits and vegetables that are unfortunate and very low in protein.


There are aunts in vegetables and fruits?

You are right, the trace content of certain types of avocado and durian is not low. If you choose fruit instead of dinner for weight loss, try not to choose these two.

For ordinary fruits and vegetables, the transformation mainly comes from the fructose and starch, which is often referred to as glucose, so for the same kind of fruit, we can roughly think that the sweeter the content is,Some of the pears, apples, etc. we often eat apply to this law.

For some industrial products, nutritional ingredients are generally added, so we only need to pay attention to their nutritional ingredients when buying.

3. The content of protein and fluoride in a trace amount of 1 g is 4 kcal, and the content of 1 g of impurities is 9 kcal.

Therefore, for some plant seeds with too much water content, the rhizomes contain a small amount of more than that, the transformation is universal.

So we pick up peanuts and soybeans to imitate. Everyone knows that peanuts are more oily than soybeans. This also shows that peanuts have more oil content than soybeans, and soybeans have a very high protein content., Peanuts are much higher than soybeans.

Because my aunt’s light is too high.

In the same way, when we are cooking and cooking, if the raw materials remain the same, the more oil we add, the more aunts we put in, so that the conversion of the dishes can be done.